Field Mushrooms

Gathered Parasol MushroomsShaggy Ink Cap TrailInk Caps and Field MushroomsParasol Mushrooms

Picking shrooms in fields is fun they are so beautiful nestling amongst the grass you walk right past them sometimes …. prefering as they do to grow on cow pats and next to big thistles and . But once you spot one …….. loving to grow in groups you can quickly harvest a lot …they also amuse when they are getting to the end of their life

Last weekend was a lot about the” field mushrooms” with large scores of ink caps, and parasol mushrooms , but don’t pick them when they begin to turn
Dreadlocked Shaggy Ink Cap

Using up the mushrooms that got squished at the bottom of my backpack … I know grey food v.unappetising but tasted good… parasol mushroom and shaggy ink cap two hours from field to mouth

Field Mushroom Soup

Parasol and Shaggy Ink Cap Soup

Lightly fry the mushrooms with onion and garlic , season with salt and pepper add a a little water and simmer . Liquidize & finally add milk or cream to the consistency you favour

Roast Chicken with Wild Mushroom Stuffing

Another way to use slightly past their best mushrooms is in stuffing where they lend a real richness to any gravy this was my version of deconstructed stuffing , big chunks of carrot, onions, celery, parasol mushrooms, fennel leaves and some walnuts dash of cider vinegar round the chicken ..roasted as usual with foil over and last 20 minutes foil off …. using up a lot of veg thats hanging around around .

You can take the stuffing out the the roastChicken with the stuffing outside

Mushrooms on Toast is a classic here two versions ,the first is simple Sliced baby ink caps fried in butter on grilled toast

Baby Ink Caps in ToastParasol Mushrooms Trifolati

The second is wild version of Mushrooms Trifolati Lightly fry garlic and add sliced Parasol Mushrooms cook , remove and add chopped flat parsley sliced roasted red pepper and anchovy fillets and squeeze of lemon juice and black pepper . Serve on toast with a drizzle of olive oil .

Enjoy the field mushrooms…

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