Risky Eating – Clouded Agaric

Clouded Agaric Mushrooms on Wilted Spinach

…… Clouded Agaric ( clitocybe nebularis) causes allergic reactions in some people but the tonnes growing in the woods this autumn and on the advice of the guy running my fungi class meant that I decided to take a chance. This week ate a small amount and having no reaction after 24hours cooked up a lot of fungus.

Really really tasty strong flavour there is still a lot growing in the woods. Extreme eating maybe but he also had us sampling Yew Berries which are ebible if you spit out the seeds… it goes against everything I had ever believed …

Clouded Agaric Path

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18 Responses to Risky Eating – Clouded Agaric

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  2. Mike says:

    I found a massive ring of them this morning, and I think they fantastic, how should I try a little? Cooked or raw?

  3. Mike says:

    They [smell] fantastic

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  5. John Harris says:

    Loved the article. I have many Clouded Agaric growing around where I live. I’m so glad I found someone who has actually tried them, and fortunately been OK with them. They sound wonderful to eat.

    Come this Autumn I might try a little taster myself to be sure I’m OK with them.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I mentioned it in my mushroom blog (mushroomdiary.co.uk) with a link to this page.

    Best regards
    John Harris

  6. John Harris says:

    Hi Becky.

    Thanks for the reply and kind comment. I absolutely love your Mushroom Gallery.

    I especially love those Parasol Mushroom shots. They’re amazing. Great stuff. Can’t wait until Spring/Summer to get out there.

    Take care.

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  8. Colin says:

    I have eaten Clouded Agaric 20 yrs ago and i can still remember the lovely deep flavour and smell whilst frying..it is risky for some and if am honest wouldn’t recommend it…but if anyone wants to try then please ensure you A/have the right fungi and not something else..and B/try a very small portion first to see if you get an upset tummy..would i eat this again?…you bet i would..

  9. Heather says:

    So tell me, were the clouded agarics very smelly?

    I think I found some at the weekend but after looking at the books, they were a little contradictory – Phillips described them as smelling mushroomy and with a cream spore print but other resources (Rogers, mushroom.expert.com) described the spore print as yellowish and the mushrooms as having a foul smell

  10. Becky says:

    They have a very strong smell , have you got pictures anywhere?

  11. Mike says:

    Great -I just found some loads of these growing in massive rings in our woods. I’m tempted to do as you have done and try a little. The book I read about them in said that they “used to be regarded as edible” – hard to see what could change. Apparently they caused kidney trouble in people with damaged kidneys.

  12. Becky says:

    On the advice of an expert, with so many growing I couldn’t resist trying them . But it’s not for everyone.

  13. Kati says:

    The thing to do is PRE-BOIL them for 5 minutes – that loses the danger of an upset stomach or other adverse reactions.

    Pre-boiling is quite common in the treatment of mushrooms – some Russulas and Milk-Caps are treated the same way before frying or adding to dishes. Don’t boil them for too much longer than 5 minutes though, as then the taste would start to fade. Rinse and use! 🙂

    However, please keep in mind that pre-boiling does not work with the truly poisonous mushrooms like the Fly Agaric. 🙂

  14. Donn says:

    @Kati, you can actually parboil fly agaric and eat them safely because the toxin is water soluable. A google search brings up a few articles on the subject. I’ve eaten plenty of caps this way.

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