Blewits – Pie, Soup & Salad

Blewit Pie

Blewitts are just that “Its …. that are um blue….” in the case of the wood blewitts the underside the gills give off a beautiful lilac hue
Wood blewitt ( Lepista nuda )Blewitt

For the field Blewitts their stems are stained with what looks like blue biro, so they are sometimes called Blue Leg

Path of Field Blewitts Field Blewitt or Blue Leg

Gathered together their similarity is pretty obvious

Blewits Field and Wood

When cooked they have a more gelatinous texture than most field mushrooms ..which you can probably guess by their firm almost soapy texture …the taste however is that thrilling rushing wild mushrooms taste….. its tempting just to fry up a plate in butter and eat on toast …or wilted spinach

But you can pop them in a pie …..

Blewit Pie

Blewitt Pie Thinly slice blewitts mix with olive oil garlic red onion slices , wholegrain mustard and a slosh of white wine . Lay in dish . Cover with puff pastry and bake at 220 for 15 minutes

Blewit and Fennel Soup

Blewitt and Fennel Soup

Blewits fried in with a little garlic and some fresh fennel leaves. liquidize and add milk/cream to consistency


Blewit , Walnut and Spinach Salad

Blewit Salad

Blewits cooked with garlic , oil salt and pepper . Served on spinach leaves with toasted walnuts , parmesan shaving and drizzle with balsamic vinegar blogged


And I would love to hear your recipes


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