Party – Stealing Stilton

Ok so about once a year I can be pursuaded to wash the fungus , mud and flour from my body and pop on a dress and go to a party .This season of course its the the big work Christmas do. However I maintain my keen hunter-gatherer instinct and on Friday night bypassing the distractions of the chocolate fountain, sorry I just can’t see the attraction.

Chocolate Fountain

I had noted the large cheese platters neglected in the stampede for liquid chocolate.
Cheese Platter

and by the end of the night there was a lot uneaten fortunately I had brought my large backpack and rather than see it go to waste I liberated the remaining stilton and brie ( why do people not eat stilton ) the kitchen even provided me with a bin bag.

Liberated Cheese

my big tip with stilton is to use it when making the roux sauce for lasagne adds a delicious richness and especially good for using up the end pieces.

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4 Responses to Party – Stealing Stilton

  1. greenbean says:

    hahaha! fantastic work junctify!… i must say your lucky i’m not a colleague otherwise you may have had competition for the party spoils!

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