Last Weekend – The first ice cream

First Ice Cream of the Year

So behind I never managed to write about last weekend up in the Midlands , on Saturday the weekend host ( TWH ) and Iventured out to Attenborough Nature Reserve it was so warm I had my first ice cream of the year no organic lusciousness I am afraid pure Mr Whippy.
But I was able to check out all the early signs of life bursting through from the winter and TWH did his best Mary Poppins impression with the chatty robins…..

Pussy WillowCatkinsSnowdropsCrocusssssssssssWater watching
Overhearing the clerk at the nature reserve shop talk about how beautiful it had been at 7am was persuaded my to leave the warmth of my bed at 7am on Sunday morning to watch the sunrise over a very hard frost . It was definitely worth the early start when accompanied by a flask of hot sweet tea and the promise of bacon bagels on a return, I thought I might actually cry at some points is was so magical ….. I took way too many photos and we had to leave before the professionals arrived with their intimidatingly long lenses….

Frosty February

Sunrise at Attenborough

Frosty February

A jointly cooked Sunday roast rounded off a hearty weekend and most of TWH’s vegebox……. while remains of the joint made an excellent beef sandwich for the train home ….

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