Borscht , Roasted Lamb and a Lime Tart


My mum and stepdad were coming for dinner on Saturday night the weekend guest was acting as sous chef , wine waiter and general calming influence. But a couple of easy steps for minimal stress dining ….

Starting with a chilled borscht soup with a blob of creme fraiche started the evening off very nicely … using up the beetroot from the vegebox . The borscht was made way ahead of time simply needing to be removed from the fridge


Simmered red cabbage , beetroot , red onion , cumin seeds, bay leaf and thyme together with some stock. Pureed together with a dash of balsamic vinegar

Marinading the LambPotatoes and Artichokes

For the main course I had decided that really a tasty leg of lamb was suitable and marinated for most of the day ( with balsamic vinegar , thyme paprika red onion garlic ) , cooked straight on the oven rack dripping its juices over a tray of sliced potatoes and jerusalem artichokes – no basting required,

Served with a hot mint sauce and chickpea puree , easily made ahead of time with plenty of lavash for mopping up juices .

Lime TartOn Thursday night I had made a lime tart from a Nigel Slater recipe so we ate slices away from the table with some heading home with my mum for Sunday lunch dessert really sharp, light and tasty great with peppermint tea .

Plenty of wine , plenty of conversation , some great music I even wore heels most of the night and nipped out to see the lunar eclipseLamb Curry

The remains of the lamb and chickpea puree went perfectly into a curry lunch as the interval in the “Spaced” marathon during a rainy Sunday

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