Picnic Salads


This time of year I want to be outside all day so this Saturday I dragged my weekend guest out for the day . After a shakey start a stand up confrontation between a cyclist and a goth on the train we arrived at our destination in brilliant sunshine and I calmed with weekend guest’s fragile Midlander nerves with a pint of finest Somerset ale .

Off we set off on a gentle stroll through dandelion fields , woods of wild garlic .a bubbling river friendly sheep and unfreindly “private piss off we fish here” notices . I finally allowed us to sit , eat a picnic and enjoy a bottle on wine close to the walks end .My drinking capacity has dimished most pathetically so I was more than a little merry for the end of the walk and train journey back home

I do take picnics quite seriously and tiffin carrier is the perfect vessel , stainless steel containers that fasten together with a tight seal and look cute as anything for serving your food .

Cold chicken thighs swimming in dressing and olives and leftover smoked salmon and leek quiche its been waiting in the freezer for a proper outing

Not an accompaniment a meal in themselves , Bright and colourful salads stay cool even using up more wintry vegetables butternut squash , cauliflower and beetroot.

Cauliflower Preserved Lemon and Coriander Salad

Cauliflower preserved lemon and coriander salad

Mix cooked but al dente cauliflower with chopped preserved lemons , corainder see , preserved lemon liquor olive oil black pepper and some sesame seeds if you have them

Roasted Butternut Squash , Parma Ham, Feta Cheese and Mint Salad

Roasted Butternut Squash , Parma Ham,  Feta Cheese and Mint Salad

Roasted Butternut Squash , Parma Ham, Feta Cheese and Mint Salad … pretty obvious recipe mix all the ingredients together and dress with a little lemon juice and black pepper.

Marinated Beetroot

Marianated Beetroot

Boil beetroot in water til soft , while still warm marinate in cumin and coriander seeds cider vinegar olive oil garlic and a pinch of brown sugar

I am still working on a good cold pasta salad recipe but cous cous salad is a staple for the summer light gentle and keeps well no need for any oil mayonnaise etc . There will be a huge bowl of it in my fridge all year.

Cous Cous with fresh chilli tomato and coriander

Cous Cous Salad

Prepare the cous cous by just covering with boiling water , leave for 10 minutes allow to cool , then stir in chopped vegetables .



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