Cooking and Camping…..

Camping Essentials - Le creuset and Warming Red Wine

The first camping trip of the year…. reminded me that for camping a Le Crueset is just a dream ( I am of course referring to camping on a site , not suggesting anyone is going to lug a cast iron pot around in a backpack )

Spicey Sausage Pasta

Chillis and currys can be made on a camping stove a night before required, leaving the food in the pot overnight gives it tenderness and the flavour diffuses throughout . Warming it through after a long days walking is a dream

Camping Breakfast

Otherwise a good sized saucepan for cooking hearty breakfasts I have a fantastic camping stove , with two rings it is powered by unleaded petrol no need to track down pesky gas canisters and its very economical.

Camping Nibbles

I like to fill up the tiffin carrier with tasty bits like parma ham , cheese and pate as well as having a large jar of sundried tomatoes and olives, these make great snacking material with some red wine in the evening and fillings for sandwiches for day packs.

Rolls in the woods

Rolls at the top of the peak


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