Are you asking… chilli?

Going Out Chilli

Out this Friday night for the first time in ages , brought some people back for desperately needed chilli .

It reminded me of a good friend and ex wing-man of mine a brilliant seducer of women .Pre the explosion of Jamie Oliver style cooking, he would woo women back to his flat with the promise of a “here’s one I made earlier” bowl of home made chilli and faced with a huge kebab van cue many a cocktail soaked girly would succumb.

He taught me a great deal about the world and the kind of person I was and I will always be grateful , but damn it my chilli recipe is better.

Beef Chilli

Gently fry off onions and garlic add fresh red chilli , paprika and ground coriander seeds
Add beef mince and brown
Add tinned tomatoes and tinned kidney beans
Simmer gently for 30 minutes
Either eat or head out for some drinks with freinds leaving the lid on the pot
Return from drinks warms through
Stir in fresh coriander and serve with toasted pitta, wraps and limes

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3 Responses to Are you asking… chilli?

  1. Gigibird says:

    I have just found your blog (through Flickr)
    Wonderful food photos – have bookmarked you:)

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  3. Pingback: Three Bean Chilli « Girl Interrupted Eating

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