Courgette Tart and Banana Muffins

Wild Mushroom and Courgette Tart

After a busy weekend last weekend we put up shelving , when to a concert saw a movie , bought a suit ( how I hate shopping) and even managed a romantic meal out together

Decided to take it easy this weekend while the regular weekend guest lives it up in Ibiza , gone but not forgotten his surprise gift of a lemon reamer and the unsurprising accompanying sexual innuendo have kept him close to heart.

Managed a quality walk through meadows , amongst all the butterflies and flowers having a little sing to myself , and getting the tiniest bit burnt. After two months solid of rain I forgot what the sun was like

Toward the end of the walk I came across some very nice looking field mushrooms which quickly converted into this tart with a few slices of courgettes courtesy of the vege box as a late lunch early dinner.

This was made with wild mushrooms works really well with old mushrooms that are going past their best too cos they are kinda hidden under the courgette

Courgette and Wild Mushroom Tart

Mushrooms , 100g Ready Made Puff Pastry , Courgette , crumbly goats cheese thyme, a dash of white wine , salt and pepper

  1. Roll out 100g of ready made puff pastry back at 220deg for 10 minutes
  2. Meanwhile finely chopped mushrooms mixed with thyme, a little goats cheese and garlic and a dash of white wine and lightly cook in a pan til soft . R
  3. emove pastry from the oven and prick down the middle section .
  4. Layer over the mushroom mixture and cover with thinly sliced courgette .
  5. Season over with salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil .
  6. Continue to bake for 20 minutes.

One of my very bad habits that I indulged on Saturday night is a huge stack books from the library , but I like to snuggle down in bed and read well into the early hours ,wild I know , so not a lot of sleep and I therefore confess to a late start on Sunday . I did manage to bake the required breakfast Banana, Carrot and Walnut muffins using up bananas swiped from a work conference last week. Ate the muffins with a large mug of tea as the light streamed through the windows on and my newly flowering geranium while I worked my way through the pounds of weekend newspapers . Bliss
Breakfast Muffins - Banana Carrot and Walnut
Banana and Walnut Muffins

2 cups plain flour 1 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 overripe bananas. 2 cups of grated carrot ( finely packed) 1 cup brown sugar 3/4 cup butter, melted and cooled 2 eggs 1/2 cup walnuts , 3 tsp cinammon

  1. Preheat the oven to 190deg C
  2. Mix together all the dry ingredients
  3. Add the butter , mix in bananas , eggs and carrot .
  4. Fill 12 muffin cases three quarters full
  5. Bake for 20 minutes

Eat warm

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