Pass the Parsley – Sauce Soup and Stews .

Salmon with Broad Beans in Parsley Sauce

With a massive bunch of parsley a new take on a sunday lunch classic from my childhood Ham with Parsley Sauce this was always served with broad beans and new potatoes ( which luckily we had a profusion of this week in the vegebox) When I was little it was always my job to make roux sauce as the base for parlsey sauce ( for roux sauce think maccroini cheese sauce without the cheese). I think they suited my intense concentration as a child .

The update was to have salmon instead of ham cos there always seems to be some in both of our freezers and hey its all pink.The parsley sauce was an excellent accompaniment for a happy evening mealIts raining a lot at the moment and I have been playing little wifey for a few days , which mostly involves monitoring what goes into my weekend hosts packed lunches. I roasted a whole chicken the other night , some nice juicy chicken for sandwiches and with the leftovers I made soup what could have been a bit of a wintry experience was boosted by the addition of tonne of chopped parsley . I had managed to get hold of a big bunch of parsley reduced its a much underused herb these days when coriander is all the rage .

Salmon with Broad Beans in Parsley Sauce

  1. Make a basic roux sauce – Melt a tablespoon of butter in a pan , remove from the heat slowly add approx 5 tbsp of plain flour , return to a gently heat and stirring a lot, slowly add approx 1 pint of milk . You really have to add it slowly and keep stirring or you will get lumps
  2. Add loads of finely chopped parlsey salt and pepper .
  3. Served to accompany a hunk of baked salmon and some new potatoes.

Rabbit Stew

Rabbit with Spring Vegetables

Rabbit with Spring Vegetable s

Fresh parsley is an excellent addition to a light stew shown here .This was a jointed wild rabbit in Yorkshire a few months ago its been in the freezer . Cobbled this recipe togethr from a few suggestions around flickr and the internet and a need to use up some carrots and potatoes . Once the rabbit pieces had been browned in a large cast iron pot added onions carrots , torn parma ham & garlic in half a bottle of white wine .Cooked in the oven at 180deg for one hour , chunks of potato added for the last 15 minutes. Sirred in creme fraiche ( nicer than cream methinks- good suggestion from TWG ) Scattered with chopped parsley from the garden Eaten with our fingers

Leftover Chicken Soup

Chicken and Vegetable Soup
Leftover roast chicken with chicken stock ( from the bones) onions, carrots, fennel, garlic salt . All simmered together in the morning then left in the post during the Day . Warmed through post work add freshly chopped parsley. Feel Nourished

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  1. Parsley is a wonderful herb and I think it’s more versatile than coriander. Your dishes here show that it can be used with lots of flavours. I made it recently into parsley dumplings which are cooked right in a pot of soup. Thanks for the ideas.

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