“One day the apprentice will surpass the master” – Dinner at my Mums

Well no time soon my mum served a blinder of a meal this weekend and she was very understanding about me photographing everything .

Despite being a full time GP she cooks everything from scratch at least 3 meals at a time and has never got stuck in a rut. Truly the original domestic goddess ( and now she has a very handy sous chef and shopper in the form of my lovely stepdad Keith )


The nibbles could have been a course in themselves so it was just as well we had got plenty of walking in all day Saturday , I am assured that the homebrew was a tasty concoction ably brewed by Keith

Keiths Homebrew

Mussels were deliciously creamy and meaty , as a child it was a task we relished to pick pounds of mussels from the beaches of North Devon . On these holidays they were served with garlic and butter a pungent
brew that kept away the midges. However my Mum has improved I suspect under the influence of Nigella and
these we delicately flavoured with garlic coriander and chilli

Mussels a la Mum

The main course was lamb stew , a shoulder of lamb cooked with garlic ,
onions and tomatoes , the trick apparently is to leave it to cool and
skim off the fat and then remove from the bone for the final cooking.
The meat was so tender …and I would have been green with envy if it
had not tasted so good.

Mums Lambs Stew

Pudding was my mums classic Lemon Meringue Pie , despite claims she doesn’t do puddings it a complete fallacy they always put anything I try to shame .

The food was great the company was stellar ….. now I have to return host duties ….. so time to so some serious food blog surfing and add another hole to the weekend guests belt ……

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