Camping it up – Chilli and Pasta

We have been trying to get out camping for weeks now things kept cropping up and the weather was dire, so the tent had stayed packed up . Finally this weekend we hit the Peak District with the car loaded to groaning point don’t do things by half and to be honest food takes up a pretty big proportion ( oh and bottles of wine ) .

From the beer and watermelon after putting the tent up

Watermelon and Beer

Plenty of nibbles to see you through the evenings
Camping Snacks

There is always a lovely atmosphere as the sun goes down and lights come on around the campsite , gentle murmuring sounds , it pretty in August but the chilli was still welcoming

Nighttime Chilli

However the chickens attempting to eat up leftovers did wake us up nice and early in the morning to a beautful sunrise
I would get up at 6am for this view anyday

So we had first and second breakfasts ( to sustain us through a long day hike)

The second night Nick cooked up some tasty pasta with sausage and thyme sauceSausage and Thyme Pasta

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2 Responses to Camping it up – Chilli and Pasta

  1. Emily says:

    just found your site through a google search for “camping food”. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your love of food.

  2. Nic Dafis says:

    See, now, this is what I call real camping.

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