Festival Food – Green Man Festival

From the Thali Cafe

Food at Festivals is now all about sustainable organic freshly made food , this weekend we hit the Green Man Festival after a massive range of food stalls last year I was not disappointed this year with spanish, mexican , pies , continental sausage , thali , fish curry , falafel, morrocan , pizza , shish BBQ

Breakfast Bacon Sausages and Tomatoes

Unfortunately breakfast must be eaten at the tent noone needs to see me wondering around with my stomach growling , large quantities of bacon , sausages and tomato.

There are definite benefits in using the tiffin carrier for snacking in the main arena, certainly some enviously look and it doesn’t spill if you jump up and down with your favourite . Didn’t quite get the courage to go ask the Thali Cafe would supplie the excellent plate of food up and the top of the page to fill it up with curry.

Snacking from the Tiffin

Also astounding was the Goan Fish Curry , tasty and flavoursome it set me up for the rest of the day

Goan Fish Curry

We had a lot of chai from the Chai shop and and fair number of falafels were consumed . They are definitely my big weakness.

Falafel for you Falafel for me

Everything should be washed down with a little cider or red wine , go on you know you want to.

As a west country girl I do love my cider

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  1. This post just popped up in my RSS reader for some reason, and for a hungover few seconds I thought I’d missed this year’s Green Man. It doesn’t take much to confuse me, obviously.

    Hmm, falafels.

  2. Hi there

    Can you remember the name of the cider maker? I loved that cider but can’t recall the maker.

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