Camping again … surely not

So three weekends in a row under canvas and three national parks

This time Snowdonia first visit and it did not disappoint glorious hills almost totally deserted for some quality walking , lunches in heather and bracken swept hills

Lunch in Heather

Eating Sunday Lunch

Since its traditional nowadays in the UK to have a curry on a saturday night .and standards must be upheld even on a campsite in the middle of nowhere . However I confess that when camping I get a bit lazy this is simply aubergine and mushrooms fried off with a curry paste which contains all the spices in a healthy dose of oil , throw over tin of tomatoes and a little freshly chopped chilli .Simmer for twenty minutes and throw in handfuls of fresh coriander . Perfect with some toasted pitta bread once the sun has gone down… oh and a healthy couple of glasses of red wine

Indian Snacking

Aubergine and Mushroom Curry

Not sure anyone would have been up for mushrooms made with any finds found this weekend only large numbers of the Sickener ( Russula emetica ) shown below which as its name suggests will cause some pretty violent vomiting . Cannot wait for the autumn to start for a little wild cooking and who knows maybe some wild camping

Russula emetica

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