Happy Holidays in Turkey – Mezes

Turkish Bread

Always slightly different sometimes a massive flat bread puffed from the oven and served with , garlic butter , or finely grated goats cheese , sometimes “village bread” dense disks the size of my hand .Often the bread was accompanied by some fresh herbs or sample meze

Village BreadAt the SeahorseBread with Rocket and Parsley

And speaking of meze ..happiness on a plate and things to try on my return definitely
Selection of Mezes on a Boat BreakMezeStuffed PeppersPerfect Meze

Iman Biyaldi -Aubergines with Tomatoes and Onions ( slit aubergines lengthways) will with a mixture of partially softened onions olive oil fresh tomatoes parsley salt and pepper. Stuff the aubergine drizzle with extra olive oil and bake on medium heat for 45 minutes)
Ezme – Tomatoes and Onion Salad ( finely minced fresh tomatoes , red pepper , cucumber add flat leaf parsley and garlic . Sieve to drain excess moisture add paprika cayenne salt and black pepper)
Garlic Yogurt and Aubergine ( Oven baked aubergine mashed with garlic and lemon juice , then stirred in with yogurt)
Parsley Root Salad (parsley stalks boiled in salt water drained and dressed with olive oil lemon juice +black pepper)
Cacik – Yoghurt mixed with cucumber garlic fresh min salt and pepper )
Boregi – Pancakes Filo pastry filled with parsley and goats cheese
Stuffed Peppers , they looked like something from a 1970s cookbook but stuffed with rice lightly flavoured with cinamon
Saffron Potatoes
Zucchini Fritters
Stuffed Vine Leaves

Even the salad accompanying the most basic kebab were tomato plenty of flat parsley , fresh green chillis and cucumber

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