Happy Holidays in Turkey – Kebab anyone ?

When is a kebab not a kebab?

Anatolian Kebab

I never knew before there were so many different types of kebabs but a week in Turkey is highly educational , from the first day a delicious cast iron pot served an Anatolian Kebab , lamb meat which had been kebabed and grilled was then baked with spices , chilli tomato aubergine , haloumi cheese and lashing of olive oil took my breath away

Snack Kebab

Even a snack kebab that cost less than a pound was made with warm fresh flat bread , parsley and tomato the meat itself spicey but not greasy like kebab meet in this country
Kebabs were sometimes made with minced lamb but seasoned to perfection, even BBQ finger licking good from the back of a boat

Flaming Kebab

The final kebab blowout was the last night but one with the Okyanus Mixed Grill served with flaming trumpets of foil

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2 Responses to Happy Holidays in Turkey – Kebab anyone ?

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  2. Alessia F. says:

    Turkey is certainly the best place to try all sorts of Kebabs. It is the only place where you can eat the best Kebabs, with all sorts of new recipes and ingredients. They are certainly the most delicious, simply the best!
    They are a simple and very affordable alternative to the traditional cuisine. It is in fact cheap to buy a kebab in most European countries for about 3 to 3,50 Euro. For instance, in UK it is possible to purchase a Doner or Sis Kebab for as little as £2.50 PricesofKebabsinEU, but in Turkey you can pay them as little as £1 each.
    The best kebabs I have had in Turkey were in Altinkum, at the Orion Hotel, where I also spent my vacation, it is one of the several CheapAccommodationsinTurkey which allows you to keep your holiday affordable, but they also provide at the same time all the comforts that you need whilst you are on holiday.

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