Happy Holidays In Turkey – Slow Baked

Slow Baked Lamb

If the kebab is the quick cook food then it is perfect that the country should also have some delicious slow cooked dishes.

Turkish Casserole Baked in Terracota PotsTurkish Casserole

One restaurant even cooked then in large terracota clay pots broken open at the table , bit overly dramatic if you ask me , choices of fish , lamb beef even octopus.

Cinnamon Beef Casserole

My favorites were a beef stew that just melted in your mouth in a restaurant run by on man and his mum where they let you sample the mezes first and then have more of your favourites. The stew was flavored with chilli and cinnamon served with bulgar wheat

Most restaurants asked you to book a slow roast lamb the day before and it would be well worth it , in case of the lamb on the top of this post was roasted and then grilled slightly giving a combination of melt in th mouth dissolving and cripsy caramelisation

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