Wild Apple and Hawthorn Sauce

Apple and Hawthorn Sauce

I have been very slack at hunter gathering this summer, but as autumn comes into its own , the hedges are a flame with rosehips ( I will be making some rosehip syrup again some great recipes from last year here ) and hawthorn berries also stumbled across an apple tree on the nature reserve .


Wild Apples

I have gathered this combination before closer to home and made a Hawthorn and Apple Cheese . Last week though I managed to score some award winning Apple and Blackpudding Pork Sausages at the York Festival of Food . Thought the sausages would be complemented by a nice homemade apple sauce with a slight wild twist of added Hawthorn Berries.

Gathered Apples and Hawthorn Berries

Apple and Hawthorn Sauce

500g of wild apples roughly chopped
A Large handful of Hawthorn berries the redder the better
Honey to sweeten

Place the apples and hawthorn berries in a pan and half cover with warm water
Simmer quickly until the apples begin to turn to mush
Place the apple and hawthorn mixture in sieve and run over the mixture with the back of a spoon straining the sauce and leaving all the nasty apples skin ,core and hawthorn pips behind
You should get a delicate pink sauce which you can warm through or serve cold , you may with to add a little honey to sweeten

Apple and Blackpudding Pork Sausages

This sauce is great with sausages and hams also I am thinking pork pie , I also scored some beautiful pork pies at the food festival

Yorkshire Pork Pies

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