Normal service will be resumed shortly – Falafel

Falafel at Falafel King

I love cooking , it relaxes me more than anything else but I have to confess there comes a time one a month for a couple of days when I become a disaster in the kitchen, I burn things , I burn myself , the food comes out viles , I burst into tears …..its entirely hormonal and it happened this weekend

So this weekend we ate on the dock at the Falafel King stall ( which definitely counts as you five vegetables a day, so much yummy salad at the , took in some art at the Arnolfini ( featuring some rotting onions so vaguely culinary ) , watched Stardust at the cinema and generally kept me well away from the stove.

Lovely walks in beautiful woods , though it chucked it down all you need is a flask of tea and if things get really bad Marmite now comes in rice cake forms
Marmite Rice Cakes

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