Courgette and Roasted Garlic Linguine

Courgette Linguine

Whenever the oven is going on with a little space I like to pop at the bottom of the oven a tray of skin-on garlic cloves , lightly drizzled in oil . Once cooled I put them in a preserving jar and cover with olive oil . The garlic cloves can be squeezed out the result garlic in tasty but creamier than raw garlic fantatic in dressing , the oil too becomes infused with olive oil . Loving garlic as I do I am afraid I have never managed to leave a jar to go off they live in the fridge for a fair few weeks though.

Garlic Roasted

The roasted garlic is perfect in the following pasta dish which takes less than 15 minutes to put together , lots of courgettes in the vegebox this week , usually do a tomato pasta sauce but in an unprecedented case I have run out of tins of tomatoes .

Courgette and Garlic Linguine (enough for two)

2 large courgettes – finely sliced
100g of dried Linguine
10 cloves of Roasted Garlic skin removes
2tbsp of Garlic Olive Oil / Olive Oil
1tbsp of pine nuts
2tbsp of crumbly goats cheese
Juice of a lemon and a little zest
Ground Black Pepper

  1. Cook the Linguine as instructed on the packet ( Gently simmered in plenty of salty water til al dente)
  2. In a pan gently fry the garlic , lemon zest , courgettes and pine nuts
  3. Add the cookedLinguine stir well while adding the lemon juice
  4. Finally gently stir in the goats cheese + ground black pepper
  5. Deliciously zesty and creamy

Leek Linguine

This works brilliantly using substituting the courgettes for leeks and pine nuts for walnuts to create Leek and Walnut Linguini

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