Chicken with lentils , leeks and orzo.

Chicken with leek , lentils and orzo

Food from the weekend, this is a dish cooked in two parts, the chicken is roasted first while the oven is on for other food .Finished off in very easily when hungry with a delicious juices to mop up.

Chicken with lentils , leeks and orzo.

1 Medium sized organic free range chicken
1 Lemon
1 Bulb of garlic – peeled
3 sprigs of thyme
Salt and Pepper
1 cup of puy lentils
1 cup of orzo

Chicken with leek , lentils and orzo

  1. Roast the chicken for approx one hour at 200deg in a cast iron pot with the lid on seasoned with salt and pepper seasoning , a bulb of garlic , peeled and smashed a quartered lemon several sprigs of thyme .
  2. Once cooked chicken then cooled and was easy to divided into portions of breasts , and thighs

At this point I separate some of the meat for sandwiches , but for a a hearty quick meal lipsmackingly delicious and hearty

Bubbling Lentils

3. Mix the chicken juices with a pint of water squeezing then removing the lemons from roasting
4. Throw in a cup of puy lentils, a cup of orzo return the chicken to the pot & simmer for 30 minutes
5 For the final 10 minutes add in leeks roughly chopped
6. Check the seasoning, add some fresh thyme

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