Sozzled Slow Roast Lamb

Lamb Stew and Baked Potato

There really are lots and lots of sheep in Wales , so you have to have lamb really just to eat your way through them

Always tempted to add tomatoes to my slow roast lamb but in Wales we had an excess of red wine so this is a kind of lamb au vin . It produces the sweetest stickiness sauce and the onions caramalise beatifully . This stew would be fantastic with mashed potatoes but during the holiday I rediscovered oven baked potatoes , curse anyone who
doesn’t eat the skin and potato as big as my fist cooked at 150deg in just 40 minutes with a skewer through the centre.

All of this cooked during a viscious rain storm when the only option was to sit in front of the fire reading , I was in heaven heaven heaven

Sozzled Slow Roast Lamb

One shoulder of lamb
One bottle of wine
1 pint of water
A few sprigs of rosemary
Fresh or dried thyme
Plenty of onions – sliced
2 bulbs of garlic – cloves peeled and crushed
Salt and Pepper
1 box of mushrooms whole

  1. Place everything in a large cast iron pot
  2. Cook in the oven on a low heat approx 150deg for 2 and a half hours
  3. Last 20 minutes add the mushrooms

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