Salmon and Leek Fishcake with Leek and Lemon Salsa

Salmon and Leek Fishcake

A very busy day which meant I needed to calm down when I got home ,so was best suited to a recipe with a few steps. I had planned to have fish pie this weekend but the faggots just won me over . However I still having a fish and potatoe craving but a fish pie for one is a bit sad so have settle on fishcakes instead.

This makes 6 big fishcakes and enough salsa to accompany , three is a filling meal for one , rest will be for lunch tommorrow , if you fancy something with a more asian skew try my previos post for Spicy Fishcakes and Asian Slaw

My creation

Salmon and Leek Fishcake

200g of fresh salmon
Leek white parts finely chopped , green parts for salsa below
300g of potatoes
Handful of fresh parsley 1/2 for fishcake , 1/2 for salsa – finely chopped
1 lemon zest , juice for the salsa below
1 medium egg
Salt and Pepper

  1. Boil the potatoes til soft enough to mash , steam the salmon over the boiling water
  2. Mash to the potato mix in the salmon , white parts of the leek , lemon zest , salt and pepper to season
  3. Add the egg and mix well
  4. Shape into palm sized fish cakes and place in the fridge for 30 minutes
  5. Fry in a little sunflower oil in a warm pan , should take a few minutes on each side

Leek and Lemon Salsa

Medium leek green parts finely chopped
Juice of a lemon, see above
Handful of parsley finely chopped see above
a few tbsp of water

  1. Simmer together the green parts of the leek , with the lemon juice , parsley and and a little water
  2. This sauce is fine warm or cold.

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