Sorry this is a repost somehow I deleted this blog entry from Sunday ( found in cache though)

Brownie points earned in multiple this weekend not only did Nick sit through Sweeny Todd the Barber of Seville , while I gazed enraptured at Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp singing ,its going to be a long time until I eat a pie. Instead a little Thai food and a trip on the Nottingham Eye .

Ginger Liquorice

Could it get better , well yes after a lie in on Saturday woke up to the smell of baking , Nick had made a packed lunch for our 9-miler in the Peak District including home-baked flapjack , they needed some time to cool though so instead we took some soft eating ginger liquorice from Lakeland This is lovely spicey chewy stuff

Eating flapjack as I speak , he is guarding the recipe , and without resorting to CSI style spectral analysis I would say raisins , oats , pumpkin seeds sesame seeds and offer up my recipe from a year ago

Post Walk Flapjack


Made with oats cranberries hemp seeds , pumpkin seeds , sunflower seed goji berries.
* 250g oats
* 250g soft light brown sugar
* 225g butter
6 tbsp of golden syrup
* 100g of the cranberries hemp seeds , pumpkin seeds , sunflower seed goji berries.
Baked at 175degC for 30 mins , I found it best to then leave overnight and cut the next day

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