And all because the lady loves… Marmite


Marmite Cheddar Bites – another gem tracked down by my lovely boyfriend don’t know where he finds these things for me but very glad he does . As a total Marmite fiend its certainly the way to my heart these blended cheddar and marmite portions were incredibly tasty, a nice mature biting cheddar and the saltiness of Marmite

Last month for Valentines Day I was presented my with ” I love you” which is Marmite mixed with Champagne I have to say I don’t think you can improve on perfection the champagne really didn’t add anything. But lovely thought !


Nick also tracked down some Marmite Rice Cakes which would have been better with more Marmite tempted to add a little perhaps dunking them into the jar .

Marmite Rice Cakes

The Walkers Marmite Crisps were nice though

Marmite Crisps

And if you think I am obsessed check out I Love Marmite a marmite fansite for the true devotee….


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