Can you smell fish …. in Whitby ?

Kippers at Whitby

Whitby on the coastal edge of the North Yorkshire Moors is a place I visited as a child and after nixing the camping plans a few weeks ago with snow and frost coming in the long bank holiday saw another National Park of the list.

Quite often by the seaside now you don’t get a lot of fish , Whitby is a happy exception , kippers – smoked herrings abound . Top of the list though – Fortunes Kippers established in 1872 , brothers Derek and Barry are the fifth generation of their
family to run the business. Fortune’s still follow
tried-and-tested smoking methods which date back to when the
business began. First the herrings are cleaned, split and
brined for 40 minutes before entering the smokehouse where they
hang over a fire of oak chipping until gold in colour . Just £3 for two large kippers wrapped in newspaper. , We had to battle through hailstorms up the hill to get these kippers but they were worth it beautifully golden orange flesh and a skin I want to make shoes from . We gently warmed the under the grill for a few minutes they make a lovely breakfast with a little bread & butter .


More piscine goodness from a tub of Whelks these little mollusc are pure muscle so not to everyones taste but for me that taste like pure sea

Whitby Fish and Chips

Lunch one day fish and chips from the Magpie Cafe , people queue for hours to get in & everyone raves about it , food not suitable for vegetarians deep fried in beef dripping. However got takeaway fish chips and mushy peas eaten on the quayside incredibly tasty , crunchy spikey batter on the fish and crispy chips .

Oysters in Whitby

In case I had not had enough fish we picked up some huge Oysters , the hardest I have ever opened but huge….here is a new bowl bought from the Whitby Pottery ( got egg cups too )

Burning off the food with a cold walk along the Yorkshire costal path toward Robins Hoods Bay .

Whitby Abbey with the snow over the moors


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