Yo Suhi Conveyors

Its the 50th anniversary of conveyor belt sushi restaurants Neatorama reports the first conveyor belt sushi Mawaru Genroku Sushi opened in Osaka in 1958. Actually I went to Yo Sushi the largest chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants in the UK for the first time in a long time just a few weeks ago it was nice I felt all metropolitan and swanky sitting on my little stool .I like how they ask you if you have ever been there before its like a posh version of Harvester but the salad bar is more seaweed /bean pod based

To be honest since I discovered how easy sushi was to make myself , try it if you never have save yourself a fortune and its a really nice thing to do together and a few ingredients go a long way

You just need to get in stock plenty of seaweed sheets ,sushi rice , wasabi paste pickled ginger & soy sauce . Sushi made with plenty of crunchy vegetables like cucumber ,carrots peppers , fiery herbs like coriander and fish some lovely fish salmon , tuna cod even smoked fish salmon or mackerel . Also for texture and garnish a little fish roe and sesame seeds .

I have even gotten a bit frugal with wild ingredients like amethyst deceviers

Sushi post rachmaninov


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