Greek Salad and Three Seed Rolls

Greek Salad

If I keep ranting on about it I am sorry but it’s so definitely summer the vegebox had tomatoes, cucumber , lettuce and I became wholly overexcited and made greek salad – the true taste of summer

Many years ago I went to Crete with my mum and brother, it was during my 10 years as a vegetarian and over the two weeks I ate close to 30 of these babies in various places. I became something of a conne connoisseur. The standard recipe in Crete was iceberg lettuce , cucumber sliced tomatoes, sliced green peppers, red onions feta cheese, olives capers , mixed herbs lots of black pepper and a slosh of olive oil and white wine vinegar.

For me the secret of being able to make these really tasty salads when the fresh ingredients land at your feet is a bit of preperation for me that means maintaining a large preserving jar of olives steeped in olive oil and mixed herbs ( oregano thyme marjoram ) I buy large packets of olives in brine which I drain and top up the jar when stocks run low . These olives are delicious for snacking and for making salad .

The crumbly goats cheese which seems to feature in a large number of my recipes comes from a can but will keep it for a good few months also remains under oil in a preserving jar in the fridge . You can see it here with some home made borscht and bread

Borscht with bread

Beckys Not So Greek Salad

  1. Simply mix together cubed cucumber , cubed tomatoes , black olives , capers crumble over some feta cheese or other crumbly goatse cheese
  2. Grind over black pepper a pinch of mixed herbs
  3. Dowse with olive oil and white wine vinegar .

This salad is so good even when shaken up the ingredients become coated with dressing and small pieces of feta .At the end you definitely need bread to mop up the tasty dressing this lead me to make some bread rolls.

Three Seed Bread Rolls

Three Seed Rolls

Makes ten big rolls

250g wholemals flour , plus extra for dusting
1 tsp salt
2g sachet fast-action yeast
175ml water
4tbsp of pumpkin seeds
4tbsp of sunflower seeds
4tbsp of sesame seeds

1. Mix the flour, 2/3 of the seeds , salt and yeast in a large bowl and water, and mix well.
2. Mix well knead on a lightly floured surface place it in a lightly floured bowl Leave to rise for 1 hour
3. Divide into portions and form into rolls , rolling in the remaining sees. Place the rolls on a baking tray & return to a warm place for 30 more minutes
5. Heat oven to 220C
6. Bake for 25-30 mins & cool on a wire rack.

A delicious lunch of greek salad and home-made rolls was eaten on the Kennet and Avon Towpath where we had a lovely 9 mile walk dreaming about living on a boat while I got to say hello to lots of river dwelling cats. Here undoubtedly my favourite boat straight out of Lord of the Rings

Boat for Hobbits on the Kennet and Avon Canal

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