Asparagus Roasted in Parma Ham

Asparagus Roasted in Parma Ham

Its still the Asparagus season in the UK lasts just eight weeks from May to June so says British Asparagus which also contains a trove of recipes
So the gorging must continue so far

Steamed with Wild Garlic Butter
Courgette , Asparagus and Wild Garlic Pasta Salad
Tricolor Tomato Asparagus & Goats Cheese Salad

However it was the BBQ grilled spears than prompted a suggestion from a Flickr Buddy – Nature Adrift whose beautiful photos of nature will leave you stunned . He suggested wrapping the spears in parma ham , now I am not sure if he meant wrap with parma ham before or after cooking but wrapping each spear with a single strip of parma ham before roasting worked for me

I am sure I have also seen TV chefs wrap form bundles of several spears of asparagus wrapped in ham but these chunky English spears each a thick as my thumb would have formed much more than a mouthful if bunched

Once cooked I drizzled balsamic vinegar over them to serve but I think lemon juice would have worked too lemon juice would have worked too .

The verdict – absolutely divine a could have eaten a bunch to myself the saltiness of the ham is a wonderful complement to the grassy creamy aspragus .

If you wanted to bulk these out once the spears had been roasted in the ham they could be cut into quartered and mixed with some dressed leaves

Or for pure luxury dipping parma ham wrapped spears into a soft boiled egg would probably hit a pretty high mark

Asparagus Roasted in Parma Ham

Parma Ham
Balsamic Vinegar
Freshly ground black pepper

Wrap each spear of asparagus in a strip of parma ham
Roast at 190deg for 5 minutes
Turn the asparagus over half way through to ensure the ham crisps on all sides and the asparagus does not burn
Serve with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and black pepper


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