Home Made Bread for Home Made Sandwiches

Home Made Bread for Lunch

I have been thinking about buying a breadmaker for a while . Bread prices are rocketing and I have become convinced this something I ought to be doing myself . I have been doing more baking recently its been the cleaning up that really gets to me , flour and water make glue you know and my worksurfaces are not a big fan of glue.

This weekend I gave in … Though the breadmaker resembles an overfed ipod and is competing for space in my small studio flat, I suspect it will become essential.

My main incentive is making bread for sandwiches at work, I confess I have spent some time looking in sandwich shops gasping at prices and muttering to myself like the Scrooge I am , however the recipes are wonderfully inspiring including this one I have taken to recreating from lovely Fresh Organics , Bugsy – Grated Carrot, Houmous, Watercress & Alfalfa Sprouts . Really great textures

I often get sprouted seeds in the vegebox , they are creamy & nutty . I love making my own houmous it easy to monitor the amount of oil chick peas are an addictive ingredient .

So this is my first sandwich made with my own three seed ( sesame , pumpkin and sunflower ) wholemeal bread , sprouts ( chick pea & mung bean) , spinach & homemade homous . I shall be eating it with a smug look on my face tommorrow and though I will try not to become a breadmaker bore the prospect of Marmite Bread is beckoning

Homemade Homous

200g of dried chick peas soaked overnight , simmered in boiling water for 40 minutes
2 clove of garlic
1 heaped tsp of tahini
Half a lemon juice
2 tbsp of olive oil

  1. Once the chick peas have cooled
  2. Puree together all the ingredients
  3. Thats is ready to eat

Stella Artois Blimp

While I was eating my lunch in the park the Stella Artois Zeppelin perhaps its too many episodes of Dr Who but it really freaked me out for a second , this Star Over London starting from 185pounds for 30 minutes I might be passing but if you have some spare cash I imagine its pretty special

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4 Responses to Home Made Bread for Home Made Sandwiches

  1. jamesmorton says:

    Yes, bread makers are wonderful in practice, if a bit dodgy in theory (in an ideal world we’d make it all by hand). So easy and you can make such interesting and excellent bread. Home made hummus too. Why doesn’t everyone do it? It’s a mystery to me….

  2. Ginger says:

    I’d love to make my own bread but, like you, the cleaning up afterwards puts me off. I love the sound of Marmite bread though.

  3. Marmite bread, oh my husband would be so sad but that’s ok since my daughter and I eat most of the bread in our house. I’m guessing you’d dissolve the marmite in the water, but how much? Such an intriguing idea.

    That seeded bread looks wonderful. I’m getting back into baking most of our bread again, I really enjoy it.

  4. Sophie says:

    I love fresh organics sandwiches too (the veggie all day breakfast one is great when you need something a bit stodgier!)

    Still haven’t caved in to a breadmaker yet because of space reasons but your sandwich does make it very tempting (though I have a bit of an ongoing obsession about getting a rice cooker and can’t decide between them)

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