BBC Good Food Show

Paul Clerehugh

BBC Good Food Show definitely lives up to its name …. hundreds of stalls , plenty of tasting and demonstrations . It was my first time but there were clearly lots of regulars envy-inducingly well equipped with shopping trolleys. My shoulders were pretty tired by the time I got back from Birmingham loaded down with cheese , chutney , smoked meats , a massive ceramic dish , and most bizarrely antique cutlery. Plenty of presents too though ….

Rossmore Oysters

On the subject of presents … the Good Food Show is also the gift that keeps in giving since it gives you the opportunity to see fantastics producers who can deliver to your door . I will shortly be placing a order for oysters from the lovely Rossmore Oysters , I sampled a couple of course they were delicious creamy and thanks to a one on one tutorial from the lovely Tristan Hugh Jones I can now open them without serious health and safety issues.

At the show I also placed my order for Welsh Farm Organics Lamb Box my rash purchase I entirely blame Paul Clerehugh who I watched butcher a hoggett ( a two year old lamb) ,Paul was pretty inspiring , he still cooks for the local school and went through all the cuts of meat during a half hour demonstration.

BBC Saturday Kitchen host James Martin employed a different technique in educating a audience on bovine anatomy. I will have to leave it to your imagination since the BBC don’t allow you to take pictures in the Supertheatre , but it required a well endowed female audience member to go onto stage and bend over !

During his demonstration James Martin gave a few choice insights into his BBC show

  • he doesn’t like it when the chefs do that smeary thing with potato -” It looks like you have stepped in whippet cr*p”
  • the fantastic Kin Knives they use on SK are “f**kin sharp and f**kin expensive ” ,
  • his refusal to compromise despite endless BBC community board comments on the perceived over use of butter & cream
  • presumably the hygiene nuts who also post about the lack of hand washing by chefs on SK, would not be happy to hear there is no sink under the counter , the chefs just pretend to wash their hands . Good on them .

During the demonstration , James managed to shoehorn in the names of every sponsor well everyone except the Miele who had supplied all the lovely Star Trekesque appliances and were my lovely hosts for the day.

I suspect this omission was because he wasn’t sure how to pronounce it . I am not authoritatively informed it should rhyme with “dealer” , this friendly German firm are the only remaining family owned whitegoods firm and have come a long way since their first milk churn turned washing machine. Age doesn’t seem to be slowing them down any as embrace digital social media with Forever Better which brings comments on Miele products from dicussion board and blogs around the internet.

James Martin Signing

You can read posts from the other Miele foodbloggers I am off to make space in my freezer for the lamb

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10 Responses to BBC Good Food Show

  1. Jules says:

    I wish I could have made it, but I couldn’t get time off work. I’m making up for it by going tomorrow. I can’t wait!

  2. MM says:

    Yes, Miele rhymes with dealer, at least in standard British English (no R on the end).

  3. Sam says:

    It was great to meet up on thursday, I know I had a brilliant day!
    I love your pictures, good post!

  4. Joanna says:

    Great to read your take on the show – I’m in awe of the amount of shopping you managed to get back with you on the train 😉

    I was sorry not to have seen Paul Clerehugh’s demo – his pub is in the next village from my house, great food, and he’s been doing the school dinners for years and years – what a great lesson for the children there, bet there aren’t any turkey twizzlers or deep frozen chips;)


  5. Nicisme says:

    I really enjoyed reading this Becky, and it was lovely to meet you at the show. I always pronounced it Meely, duh, now I know! I kept waiting for James to say it….!

    Enjoy the oysters!

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  7. Anne says:

    Hi Becky!

    Was good to meet you at the show!

    Had forgotten James comments about the whippet’s and some of the other choice insights, I shall never see SK in the same light again! 🙂


  8. says:

    Wow, thanks for your suggession I never would have seen that had you not mentioned it.Download blog thems at its free site and many more………

  9. ryan piller says:

    XD my dad works with rossmore oysters, was this the show in birmingham? i went there with my dad

  10. Wonderful information. Kudos to you for submitting this. I will be back for more

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