Castle Green Christmas Market


You might have thought after the Good Food show I would be all food shopped out but managed to summon a little energy to head for a final foodie fling.  Bristol like most English cites nowadays has a little continental Christmas Market  complete with its very own Bavarian-style bar.

Bavarian Bar

They were selling pans this size at the Good Food Show , it would take up my whole kitchen , but still tempting

Pans of deliciousness

Lovely place to wonder round and shop fuelled by mulled wine and German sausages grilled over charcoal , they also had massive pans of casseroles and slices potatoes

German Sausages over Charcoal

Cheese , bread , patisserie , sweets and gifts stalls but my favourite was of course  the salami and smoked meat stall which was doing a roaring trade – picked up a few more edible presents .
Salami made from duck ostrich wild boar , chorizo , garlic and pepper coated .

Hams Hanging

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2 Responses to Castle Green Christmas Market

  1. leigh says:

    nice pictures! you gotta love a german market – beer, mulled wine, roasted meats – its all good!

  2. Jen says:

    This market looks just lovely! I wish I had something similar to go to, but I guess I will just have to drool over your pictures!

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