Slow Baked Madeira Spiced Shoulder of Lamb

Slow Baked Madeira Spiced Shoulder of Lamb

Dinner for my mum last night, it had to be this shoulder of lamb since I need to make some freezer space for Xmas ,  sorting through my cupboards found a bottle of madeira which is quite sweet so figured unlike red wine it could take some pretty intense spices 

This is just delicious the meat falls off the bone and the sauce is glossy and unctuous . We ate it with plenty of cabbage but would be lovely with doughy bread

Slow Baked Madeira Spiced Shoulder of Lamb

Half a shoulder of lamb
300g tin of butter beans
100ml of madeira
400ml of water
3 large onions
1 tbsp of brown sugar
1tbsp  ground coriander
1 tbp of dried ginger
1 tbsp of all spice
1 tbsp of cayenne pepper
1 tsp of ground cloves
1 tsp of dried chillis

  1. Mix together the spices , sugar  coriander , dried ginger , cayenne pepper , cloves and chilli and rub over the lamb joint
  2. Place the joint in a  in a lidded casserole dish with the onions butter beans, madeira and water
  3. Place the lid on the dish  place in an oven at 180degC cook for 2 and half hours for the last half hour remove the lid to all the meat to brown and sauce to reduce
  4. Cover the dish but turn off the heat and allow the dish to  rest for at least an hour, it should stay warm but you may wish to warm through the onions and butter bean sauce before serving


  1. As the aforementioned mother I can vouch for the deliciousness of this and all my daughter’s cooking.She surpassed me a long time ago!!

  2. dear lord beck…………….my mouth wouldn’t stop watering just READING this blog never looking at the photo!!!! i love lamb……but it’s a bit expensive here. but i have to make some soon. this looks fantastic!!!!!!

  3. I have a nice full shoulder of Lamb and I am looking for something new, god bless the web, I have found your recipe Becky it’s already tingling my taste buds.
    I will post the results soon
    regards douglas

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