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Lamb Rasher ( Lamb Breast) Salad with wild watercress and hedge garlic

Last Saturday Laurence Keough made a Lamb Rasher Salad on Saturday Kitchen and Nick the lovely boyfreinds’ ears pricked up , mostly because anything with the word rasher has him salivating Homer Simpson- style On Friday  he returned happy from … Continue reading

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Hot Peas

Yesterday the weather wasn’t really great for walking,  dark clouds in the sky,  so we opted for a day hanging out in Nottingham .  Off course we stopped off at  Victoria Market carefully secreted at the top of a shopping … Continue reading

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Salmon and Dill Fishcakes

This morning on Something for the Weekend they were making CornBeef Hash cakes , easily influenced I instantly began craving something potato cakey .. I have made salmon fishcakes before with leeks and also spicy fishcakes with asian Slaw , dill … Continue reading

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Hedge Garlic Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

My first bit of foraging of the year . I was working from home on Friday , which meant at 5 on the dot  I shut off the computer and dragged my lovely boyfreind off for a walk along the … Continue reading

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Indian Spiced Mackerel

Went into Derby this weekend to check out the markets , despite being in a landlocked county Derby has at least three good permanent fish stalls in the market each with a massive range of fish and friendly staff . … Continue reading

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Chicken Cacciatore

This is a classic Italian dish , Cacciatore means hunter in Italian  I had a  busy week hunting and gathering  or sitting at my desk and getting eye strain from my monitor  ,this seemed a suitable dish to be  waiting … Continue reading

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Prunes in blankets ( Prunes wrapped in bacon)

While my bofreind was tucking into his breakfast on Saturday , bacon, egg and black-pudding,  I was pondering what to do with any leftovers from the pack of bacon In a blinding flash I remembered that my mum often cooks … Continue reading

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Rosemary and Garlic Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb

It was the last of the lamb from Welsh Farm Organics and , the shoulder  ,  undoubtedly my favourite  cut.  I often  slow casserole lamb shoulder with red wine. But this shoulder deserved something special to ensure I could taste … Continue reading

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Why hasn’t lasagne made it onto my blog before , I think because it is often not very photogenic, and thats a terrible reason not to put something on , because I love lasagne. Lasagne is a dish of my … Continue reading

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Steak and Kidney Pie

It was  British Pie Week 2nd – 8th March 2009  a secret I have been keeping  from Nick the lovely boyfreind otherwise he would be feasting on pie all week. The winning recipe in a competition by Jus Roll Pastry … Continue reading

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