Hedge Garlic Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

Hedge Garlic Roasted Chicken
My first bit of foraging of the year . I was working from home on Friday , which meant at 5 on the dot  I shut off the computer and dragged my lovely boyfreind off for a walk along the canals .  There isn’t lot growing even the nettles seems to be off to slow start down our way but there was a  lot of hedge garlic ( Alliaria periolata)  which won’t have its delicte white flowers until April or June but the tasty leaves have already unfurled.

Hedge Garlic

Hedge Garlic a lighter flavour than one of my favourite wild foods Wild Garlic ( Allium ursinium )  shown above which is so makes many woods in the UK smell like an italisn restaraunt later in the Spring .

Wild Garlic Allium ursinum

Having gathered several large handfuls of hedge garlic leaves I  decided to use them with the large organic chicken we had planned for Friday night . First I stuffed  garlic leaves under the chicken skin ,  seasoning the skin itself with a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Chicken roasting with potatoes , hedge garlic , preserved lemon and sundried tomatoes

Into roasting dish with the chicken I popped in a  few chopped raw potatoes  also added some sundried tomatoes , chopped home preserved lemons and a few more garlic leaves . This means the potatoes cook in the juices and fat from the chicken, for little effort you get delicious flavoured potatoes all you need to do if two or three times during cooking while turn the potatoes in the dish to ensure they are coated with cooking juices and cook evenly.

Chicken Roasted Potatoes

This chicken was about 2kg so I roasted it for 2 hours at 190degC , covered in foil for the first hour uncovered for the second. The hedge garlic added a delicious hint of garlic without being overpowering , I fancy trying it in a kind of sag aloo so it if bound to pop up on the blog again


  1. What a totally gorgeouos recipe. I am sure I would have stuffed that beautiful garlic into a chicken too – I am slightly obsessed with roasting chickens. I love this – a bit of foraging – so satisfying! Awesome work on the potatoes too, mmm, roasted in the fat – delicious!

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