The Brunswick Inn , Derby

Bramble Stout

The Brunswick Inn, Derby is not not a pub its also a Brewery , a temple to real ale , so as Nick continues my real ale education we stopped in on our way to see Richard Herring perform at the Assembly rooms.

Bramble Stout

With a choice of 16 real ales and ciders from the handpumps , I was almost overwhelmed  but after the success of a pale ale last week I steeled myself up to try a darker brew and opted to try a local Bramble Stout . Check out the designed to appeal to the ladies  blackbird and bramble label. This beer is not brewed on the premises but pretty close from Burton on Trent Burton Brewery

The stout was  strong and dark , I was worried a dark ale might have a bitter aftertaste but it was light and refreshing though wasn’t quite getting the taste of blackberry’s or even blackbirds it was very drinkable .

Huntsmans Pie

The Brunswick Inn does do good food too but we opted for a quick bar snack for £1 a large wedge of Pork or Huntsmans Pies   we opted to share a wedge of Huntmas pie , layers of pork , chicken and stuffing . Definitely beats a bag of crisps.

Obama drinks Buxton Water

I was flicking through the local paper where  the big news from the  G20 conference was not the protests  but the fact that president Obama drank Buxton water it made the local paper .In also made the national newspapers with the Telegraph reporting that this advertising could be worth 35 million

The source at Buxton

I stayed in Buxton a few months ago for a wedding and was fortunate enough to have a window overlooking the source in  Buxton Spring in town, where  from Dawn til dusk you can watch people filling gallon bottles of the stuff for free.

The water emerges at a temperature of 27.5º centigrade regardless of the weather. During its long underground passage, from a depth of 1500 metres, the water filters through the ancient limestone of the Peak District, acquiring a natural balance of minerals during its long journey. This does give  a delicious mineral taste

This warmth makes the water more vigorous and thrusts it outwards away from the source. This protects it from any contamination from the surface water. The entire process naturally purifys the water

So is this a heartwarming local story , well ok Buxton is owned by large multinational Nestle , and it was a plastic bottle my personal bugbear, tap water in the country is drinkable to fill a glass bottle or jug- Save the planet from plastic. Still at least it wasn’t Evian.

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3 Responses to The Brunswick Inn , Derby

  1. Jules says:

    The Brunswick is a very well kept secret in Derby and I love visiting there. It’s like a step back in time with fantastic beers and cheap pub grub.

    Burton Bridge Brewery do some fantastic beers, so much so we had some kegs of their porter and bitter at our wedding. I haven’t tried their Bramble stout yet. I’m going to be near the brewery (& adjoining pub) next week so will have to pop in a give it a try.

  2. Linda says:

    The Huntsman’s pie looks fantastic – I’m wishing it could leap of the page and into my kitchen. Yum 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    Pleased you enjoyed the Bramble Stout, I live in Burton and frequent the Burton Bridge Pub & Brewery. It is at one end of the Bridge, I live at the other end, so a very quick walk for me. Like you I am also being initiated into the real ale drinking fraternity and it is a perfect place to learn. if you get a chance their Stairway to Heaven is a particular favourite.

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