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Fishcakes with Wood Sorrel Salad and Dressing

Common Wood-sorrel Oxalis acetosella is one of my favourite wild foods , food in woods it small white flowers with pink streaks. The leaves have a lemony acid taste , I found plenty of growing in the the woods on … Continue reading

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Crab and Cold Noodle Salad

Having a lovely Friday night in by myself , researching for our grand summer adventure. Nick and I have negotiated a whole month off over the summer and are planning on going travelling,  beggining in Thailand ( catching up with … Continue reading

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Summer Brisket

 Beef Brisket  is a cut from the breast of the animal usually rolled and tied. Marbled with fat,  it is best suited to slow casserole cooking and so I have always counted as a winter joint for the depth of … Continue reading

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Hot Smoked Salmon

Bank Holiday weekend busy DIYing after the full day inside with a wallpaper steamer we squished in a BBQ yesterday ,but Nick was really keen to play with his new hot smoker so we finished a bit early . All … Continue reading

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BBQ Pork Ribs with Jerk Seasoning

I am trying not be sad that on a glorious bank holiday weekend we are eschewing our usual camping trips and getting stuck into some DIY , I moved into the lovely Nicks’ house a few months ago , after … Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken with summer vegetables

Summer vegetables are appearing from the Riverford Farms in Spain , last weekend I treated them to homemade pasta , as the summer vegetables begin to glut this chicken dish is an excellent way of cooking lots of vegetables , … Continue reading

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Ox Tongue Braised In Red Wine

Not a dish for the squeamish this one or those looking for a quick dish . On Thursday up in Sheffield I saw whole Ox Tongues for sale  for just 1pound each . Since I had braised Ox Tongue at … Continue reading

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Penne with creamy smoked salmon and asparagus

So for two days on and off I have been cooking Ox tongue , the weather has been throwing it down so I thought we would be ready for a slow-cooked stew . However this evening the sun broke through … Continue reading

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Barnsley Chops with kidneys and spring bubble and squeak

Watching Eurovision tonight ( Check out the London bloggers Eating Eurovision ), first time I have ever convinced my boyfriend to watch it with me , but  somehow he missed it most  hanging out in the kitchen preparing the most … Continue reading

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Jerk Mutton Stew

Last time I cooked mutton is was with a morrocan spice blend this time heading for the West Indies  with a hot & spicy jerk seasoning. I love jerk seasoning its often used when BBQ, I have written before about … Continue reading

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