Black Bream with wild watercress sauce , asparagus and new potatoes

Black Bream

Carrying on with the promise to have as many BBQs as possible and its Bank Holiday weekend. Its just so lovely sitting outside . I think i might be time to buy a Chiminea to keep warm though.

After a stunning time in Lyme Regis last summer I am a convert to fish on the BBQ , Nick had managed to get hold of some Black Bream its a firm white sweet tasting fish thats is fantastic cooked whole and has large easy to remove bones. Caught of the UK coast , Black Bream is also farmed  in the UK and Europe. If you are greedy like me one each is plenty.

Black Bream on the BBQ

To cook I descaled the fish,  slashed its  sides to ensure and even cooking since the fllets were large  and rubbed it with salt and pepper , it was cooked with a few minutes on either side .  I had gathered some wild watercress its grown nearly a foot high now and whipped up some watercress  butter which melts well over warm fish or potatoes

Watercress Butter

2 handfuls of watercress
1 clove of garlic
Zest and juice of half a lemon
2 tbsp of butter

  1. Plunge the watercress into a boiling water and drain
  2. Puree the watercress the lemon , garlic and butter
  3. Spoon over the cooked fish

We also some asparagus grilled over the BBQ , it gives it a delcious rich woody flavour . Thought we might need a bit of carbs and since I had a cake in the oven I finished the plate of with some roasted new potatoes , just 30 minutes at 180degC with a small dash of olive oil gives these new potaotes and caramlised papery skin and buttery tasting inside.

White wine is traditional with fish , and this is a change from the
Pinot Grigio a Scicilian white wine, it was quite lemony, I prefer
these to the more oaky Chardonnays.


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One Response to Black Bream with wild watercress sauce , asparagus and new potatoes

  1. Ginger says:

    Lovely! I too love fish on the barbecue although we haven’t done any yet this year. The watercress sauce sounds lovely.

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