BBQ Pork Ribs with Jerk Seasoning

Pork Ribs in Jerk Seasoning

I am trying not be sad that on a glorious bank holiday weekend we are eschewing our usual camping trips and getting stuck into some DIY , I moved into the lovely Nicks’ house a few months ago , after several years weekends commuting the 100 miles between our respective homes. It’s lovely living with him in many ways but the  floral wallpaper from the previous owner just has to go.

My only break yesterday in six hours of wallpaper stripping was to season some pork ribs Nick has picked up from the butchers , they are becoming firm pals describing meat and as it turns out the butcher knew before I did he was secretly  building a smoker inspired by the online antics of Domestic Goddess in Trainings’ smokin Hubby . I am sitting watching him play with it right now. Thank you Wi-fi

The one kilo of pork ribs had been cleaned by the butcher so all I needed to do was rub plenty of jerk seasoning ( a blend of chillis cinamona , coriander , peppercorns, allspice( jamaican pimento ) garlic and nutmeg ) all over them . I  gave them a bit of a start in the oven 25 minutes at 200deg meant they only needed 10 minutes either side on the BBQ some recipes a read reccomended boiling them first . I have to confess I have never really like ribs viewing them as sticky
sauce covered overpriced bones, but given the noises I was making last
night I think I am a convert perhaps even as an evangelist

Pork Ribs on the BBQ

They were incredibly meaty with the delicious fragrant heat of the jerk seasoning  and less fat than something like pork belly .  Finally  given my truely pathetic carving of meat I am delighted ribs
pretty much have the dotted line saying  “cut here”.  If the butchers
was open on a Bank Holiday the lovely boyfreind would be dispatached to
buy more

Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs

Slicing Pork Ribs

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