Hot Smoked Salmon


Bank Holiday weekend busy DIYing after the full day inside with a wallpaper steamer we squished in a BBQ yesterday ,but Nick was really keen to play with his new hot smoker so we finished a bit early .

All credit for the new addition to our culinary battery goes to  Domestic Goddess in Training a few months ago she posted a picture of her hubbys homemade hot smoker.  It stirred the engineer in Nick and perhaps I would have twigged sooner what he was up to if I didn’t always leave  the house before the postman comes with sneaky ebay purchases .


Arriving home on Friday night I was led into the kitchen to see his project. I am not an engineer so my first guess was bread oven, and second guess bomb. Once I twigged I was pretty happy I love smoked food but coming from a studio flat my only previous attempt at smoking left my curtain and bedding smelling of smoke for weeks.

This time we were able to smoke outside using my portable camping stove as a heat source ( it’s fueled by petrol)

Tea and Stove

For the smokers maiden voyage Nick smoked  salmon fillets after soaking the woodchips in water first the salmon  smoked/cooked in just 20 minutes eaten warm from the smoker moist and lightly smoked . My contribution was some salad leaves fresh from the garden and a dressing of wholegrain mustard oil and lemon juice  .

Jamie Olive achives a similar effect using a biscuit tin on the hob instructions here
or for a larger version here are instructions for a trashcan smoker the basic principles apparrently apply to any metal container . I am looking forward to more smoked food , thinking some nice duck breast when in season. Here’s to a smoking summer.

Salmon and Dill FishcakesSeared Salmon & Pea PureeSalmon cured with beetroot and vodka, with cream cheese on malted toast


  1. Mmmmm looks good. I’ve been wanting one since I saw Domestic Goddess in Training’s – I think I might have to build it myself though as husband not showing any interest despite being and engineer!!

  2. I love smoked foods too. We use our Weber as a smoker which works well but haven’t done much more than salmon in it, apart from a whole chicken which was only partly successful.

  3. It looks fantastic! There must be something about Engineers and smokers as my Hubby is also a Engineer. I’m impressed with the temperature gauge. We’ll have to try smoking salmon in it.

  4. I’ve been circling round the idea of smoking my own food for a while now, but never seem to get the time to sort things out.

    I stumbled across Menu In Progress ( a while ago – a lot of smoking and general charcuterie goes on over there and it’s written about with great enthusiasm. It led me to invest in the superb Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman, which I’ll definitely be cooking from once I finally get organised.

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