Summer Brisket

Summer Brisket

 Beef Brisket  is a cut from the breast of the animal usually rolled and tied. Marbled with fat,  it is best suited to slow casserole cooking and so I have always counted as a winter joint for the depth of winter with carrots and onions.

Summer Brisket

So I was surprised when Nick said he had picked  up a Brisket joint from the butchers and curious how it could be converted into a dish more suited to the summer weather.  Luckily we are getting some summery vegetables in the vegebox, using fresh red peppers and tomatoes to the usual slow gave a sauce bursting with sunshine with no addition of water or stock. Next time I might add some butter or cannellini beans which might require the addition of water but this was delicious with some boiled new potatoes.

Summer Beef Brisket

800g rolled beef brisket
4 rashers of streaky bacon
500g of onions roughly
500g of fresh plum/beef tomatoes roughly chopped
150g of red pepper roughly chopped
1tsp of salt
1sp of pepper

Lay the bacon at the bottom of an ovenproof dish
add the brisket and heap the chopped vegetables all around
Season with salt and pepper
Cover and cook at 160degC for 2.5 hours

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