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Pork Chops with Gooseberry and Sage Sauce

I was very excited last week to find gooseberries in the greengrocer , I used to eat so many unripe gooseberries from my grans garden they gave me tummy ache. When I finally learnt some patiences and they ripend I … Continue reading

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BBQ Rib of Beef with new potato & broad bean salad with homemade mayonnaise

I don’t buy meat from the supermarket with great local butchers near my work and close to home and the sadness that usually descends when I look at all the plastic packaged meat in the supermarket.  However  yesterday I did … Continue reading

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Seasonal Salads , Pearl Barley , Brown Rice and Bean

  I wasn’t surprised by the news that many mayonnaise based supermarket salads contain more fat than a big Mac . They never look particularly appetising .Salads should be fresh flavours , seasonal vegetables , herbs,  grains , pulses. I … Continue reading

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Birthday Burgers

When the lovely boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday dinner,  I think he was a bit surprised when I said burgers. I blame the bloggers some of my favourite food bloggers (Antics of Cylcing Cook & Dinner … Continue reading

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Lamb Shanks in White Wine and White Beans

A very relaxing day being a cat, I had a proper lie in and then padded around the house stretching and settling. Listening to the bees buzz and birds sing.   I found some lamb shanks in the freezer and was … Continue reading

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Sardines with Fregula Sarda Salad

The weather cannot quite decide,  if its being hot or cold but this was a dish for one of the warmer evenings.  I bought a very large bag of fregula sarda a Sardinian cous cous .Larger than the more common … Continue reading

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Home , Heart , Homegrown and Homemade

Last week I was tagged by Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking on the subject of home with a meme for  Refugee Week 2009.  The campaign aims to raise awareness of refugees’ contributions to society through a wide range of … Continue reading

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Summer Pickles

I am totally addicted to pickles,  there is nothing that can’t be significantly improved by the addition of a layer of spicy- sweet goodness, cheese , ham , even fish benefits from a few slices of gerkins or capers, ( … Continue reading

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New Potato , Asparagus , Bacon & Duck Egg Warm Salad

There are so many delicious new potatoes around this spring and to end this spring salad the  last of the asparagus , the season which  is apparently  ending early this year, both of these are delicious warm with a vinegary … Continue reading

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