BBQ Rib of Beef with new potato & broad bean salad with homemade mayonnaise

BBQ Rib of Beef with potato and broan bean salad by you.

I don’t buy meat from the supermarket with great local butchers near my work and close to home and the sadness that usually descends when I look at all the plastic packaged meat in the supermarket.  However  yesterday I did pop into the mecca of shopping for a few bits and pieces .  I did a little swing by the reduced meat section and was surprised  there looking forlorn amongst all the reduced breaded chicken ,a 28day organic aged rib of beef  reduced from £14 to £7.

Rib of Beef Joint by you.

I scooped it up feeling a little like a shoplifter and stole away to the checkout, managing to forget the washing up liquid I had gone in for .  All Saturday I kept looking up at the sky one second cloudy,then it rained ,then finally the sun and swallows came out. Sun meant I could BBQ the rib (beginning to sound like  a stalker but the idea came from Dinner Diary)

After seasoning the meat well with salt and pepper , it cooked over hot coals for around 25 minutes, turning several times. A water mister sprayed every so often over the coals stops the dripping fat from flaring up and scorching the meat. After cooking I left the meat to rest for twenty minutes covered in foil,  I think resting is very important especially for BBQ or roasted meat , if you have ever struggled with carving resting is the answer.

BBQ Rib of Beef by you.

The result of BBQ and resting was a caramelized outer layer  circling mouth meltingly sweet meat oozing with flavour. This picture shows just half of the meat,  it carved like butter and we only have leftovers due to incredible restraint on my part.

BBQ Rib of Beef by you.

Was debating what to rest the beef with, serendipitously Mark Hix in the Independent was extolling the virtues of homemade mayonnaise . Loving so many of Mark Hixs’ seasonal recipes,  his seasonal cookery book recently won Guild of Food Writers award for Cookery Book of the Year).

I am now a happy convert to making my own mayonnaise ,  using a food processor made it very easy  the recipe is available here) but be  warned it made a good 300ml of mayoniase which will keep us going for a while.

I thought it might be too much just to dip the meat in mayonnaise (though it did happen) so had mixed together a nice seasonal salad of new potatoes ,broad bean & salad onions dressed with lashings of mayonnaise. Perfect summer food

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7 Responses to BBQ Rib of Beef with new potato & broad bean salad with homemade mayonnaise

  1. Nora says:

    Wow, that all looks mouthwateringly good. Have also recently been converted to homemade mayonnaise, so will definitely be checking out the Mark Hix version. And having a go at that rib – so spectacular!

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