Salmon wrapped in Prosciutto with Broad Brean , Courgette and Fennel Salad.

Salmon in Prosciutto with Broad Bean, Courgette and Fennel Salad by you.

Salmon wrapped in Prosciutto with Broad Brean , Courgette and Fennel Salad.

This was Friday nights dinner , broad beans from the vegebox are getting pretty large, once steamed for a few minutes and definitely need peeling , but I am proud some of the courgettes have survived a slug attack it is  worth squeezing them in a tea towel and they can make a dressing a little watery  . The dressing is slosh of olive oil and fresh lemon juice, a little salt pepper

Fennel goes really well with the lemon and the  salty meat and fish combination , while a lot of the herbs seem to be suffering in the rain the fennel goes from strength to strength it also delicious with another seasonal favorite beetroot

The salmon is wrapped in prociutto brushed with a little olive oil and roasted in the oven for 15 minutes at 180degC.



  1. This looks really good though I’d have to substitute another herb as my husband doesn’t like fennel very much. The idea of wrapping the salmon in prosciutto is good – I’ve done it with chicken but never thought to try it with salmon. Its on my list 🙂

  2. Hi Becky,

    Thanks for visiting my site. I hope we can share some cooking tips and info from one side of the pond to the other. I’ve done this with fish (salmon is particularly good) and fried it so it gets really nice and crisp. It’s the bomb.


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