BBQ Bream In Newspaper

Fish in Newspaper by you.

We headed out for a long walk but got stuck in endless traffic but we did end up going past a DIY store there are some big discounts on BBQs to be had a result of the no-show BBQ summer,we have a small BBQ that has been doing us proud over the last few months with BBQs most weekends. However  I have been lusting after a lidded affair the easier to cook joints of meat, a few supermarket affairs have been rejected as looking unsteady or being too small , finally we have treated ourselves to a swanky Weber .
Fire by you.
It was tested out on Saturday night with Hugh FW recipe for BBQ fish wrapped in newspaper.  We have had a couple of bream in the freezer since a trip to Nottingham Market , last time we cooked bream on the BBQ , they are such thick fish I resorted to slashing them to ensure they cooked through without drying out . Cooking in paper guaranteed the fish stayed moist.

BBQ Bream In Newspaper

2  bream cleaned ( bream have very thick scales which need scraping off
A few bay leaves and thyme sprigs
A few knobs of butter
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 lemon, plus wedges for serving

  1. Lay each fish on some newspaper (three sheets of the Guardian) with a bay leaf , wedge of lemon, thyme sprig and knob of butter  in the belly.
  2. Season with salt, pepper  then wrap it up so you have a snug parcel.
  3. Soak the parcels in water until wet through.
  4. The BBQ embers were white hot and we cooked the packages until charred  about 10 minutes on each side , its very strange cooking some on the BBQ but not really knowing how well they are cooking , but 20 minutes was enough to produce deliciously cooked moist flesh scented with the herbs

Fish in Newspaper by you.
.Peeling off the paper the skin came too and it was hard not to get ash onto the fish but it was a really fun way of cooking definitey something to bear in mind for our next camping trip.  I was a bit worried about the safety of the ink , originally fish and chips stopped being served in newspaper due to concerns about hygeine and potential toxicity of the printing ink but modern ink are perfectly safe
Awaiting by you.
To accompany, I sliced leeks and carrots thinly and placed them with a knob of butter , thyme , salt and pepper in a foil parcel which also went on the grills for 15 minutes. These were perfectly cooked and served onto the table in the foil

Leeks and Carrots by you.

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4 Responses to BBQ Bream In Newspaper

  1. rachel says:

    considering comment is free i would like to say this looks just delicious.
    I am inspired everytime I come here.

  2. Helen says:

    This is an interesting recipe, I did wonder how it wouldn’t burn! I must try it. We treated ourselves to a swanky Weber too and never looked back!

  3. wat says:

    much of the ink in newspapers today is soy-based, but some of it is not, and the ink that is not, is certainly toxic.

    please be sure to consume only non-toxic soy-based ink.

    also consider what the paper was bleached with– most bleaching chemicals will give off toxic fumes when heated.

    for a fun alternative, try corn husks, or banana leaves

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