Grey Mullet with Tomatoes and Celery

Roasted Grey Mullet with tomatoes and celery by you.
I went to the market intending to get some lamb shanks or another slow cook meat, for an autumnal meal but by the time I got to the market the weather had turned sunny and bright and I was in the mood for something light.

I headed over to the lovely fishmonger, he gets busy on a saturday morning often with lovely Chinese ladies buying bags and bags of fish heads, I really need to ask them what they do with them but I am too scared
Grey Mullet by you.
Although I haven’t got to the economy level of fish heads just yet,  I was thinking affordable and sustainable. Alongside Mackerel , the cheapest fish on the stall is Grey Mullet, a flathead fish not related the “oh so showy” blushing red mullet.

This fish hangs around coastal waters so it can sometimes taste a little muddy.

Roasted Grey Mullet by you.
I chose a large fish  but once I had home gutted it ( you can see I am no expert) , cleaned it and removed the head and tail just to fit it into the oven dish .

Once the fish was wrapped in foil with thyme , bay leaves and a slosh of white wine, plenty of salt and pepper at 180degC . The fish  cooked whole in 25 minutes, though the last ten minutes I opened up the foil and added , chopped celery , tomatoes ( from the garden) and a slosh of red wine vinegar.

The result was a lovely summer dish,  light and fresh , the fish was moist and melting, the fish has large bones so it is really easy to eat the spine just lifts out.

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