Roast Shoulder of Lamb over Boulanger Potatoes

Roast Lamb Shoulder by you.

A few months ago we visit the National Trusts Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire , we took the opportunity of visiting  Hardwick Park Farm run by Richard and Clare Aldis as part National Trusts  share farmers on the estate the rare breeds feed on fodder from the estates considerable . The lamb beef and pork  include home-cure bacon & sausages.

Lambs in Light by you.

Spoilt by choice and resisted totally filling the freezer with a whole jointed lamb,  bought a beautiful rolled shoulder of lamb, It had been so beautifully tied i didn’t want to casserole which I am always  tempted to which lamb shoulder .  It is a cut that likes a slow wet cook and I am a sucker for a  meal that can just sit in the oven. Nigel Slater reccomends a lamb recipe where the lamb sits on bars above sliced potatoes, this seems to be an adaptatation of a Boulanger potatoes where sliced potatoes are baked in stock , in this case the lamb provides its own stock, its kind of a reverse hotpot .

The meat was beautfully roasted moist inside but with almost a lamb crackling , the potatoes were just delicious we could have polished off the whole dish but sensible have popped a few into the freezer they can be quickly defrosted in the oven and are great with a steak.

Lamb over Boulanger Potatoes by you.
Lamb and Boulanger Potatoes
1kg rolled shoulder or leg of lamb
500g of Finely sliced potatoes
2 cloves of garlic
300ml of water
Bunch of fresh thyme
Salt and Pepper

  1. Mix the garlic with thyme leaves and rub half over the lamb
  2. Mix the sliced potatoes with the other half
  3. Layer the potatoes into a baking dish, pour over the water
  4. Place the lamb on top
  5. Cover with foil
  6. Place the lamb and potatoes oven at 180degG for 1.5 hours for the last half hour remove the foil
  7. Finally remove the lamb and allow to rest giving the potatoes another 20 minutes to crisp
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