Fresh Brown Crab with Crusty Bread & Mayonnaise

Crab Meat by you.

Simple is good , and you couldn’t get any simpler than last nights dinner , brown crab with lemon mayonnaise and crusty bread. It has been years since I had whole fresh crab and they have been calling to me across the fish counter for a while now.

We got to the fishmonger a little later than ideal so all the live crabs were gone but there were some cooked ones . My Dad grew up in Portland Dorset and we would go back most summers. He would always stop off and buy about half a dozen live crabs ( brown and spider crabs) that would blow bubbles all the way back home until boiled. I have very clear memories of him sitting with a big hammer working his was through crabs shells flying.

Crab Meat by you.

You can buy some pretty expensive gear to work through seafood but we have some little olive forks for winkling out the flesh and a hammer from the toolkit.

I think the way you tackle a crab  says something about your personality.  I eat mine a bit at a time as soon as I have released it from it crustaceaous prison, no patience but the  LBF works the whole crab out onto a plate -engineer style  –  and eats it at the end  see above)

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