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Beef , Barley & Ale Stew

Sometime you want something with plenty of laters and slow cooking ,thankfully our overflowing freezer steps in when time is short,  I feel desperately organised getting a lump of brown something or other out in the morning to find by … Continue reading

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Pork, Chorizo & Bean Stew

This dish has it’s origins in my plan for a dinner of  tapas , but after a  busy week cooking a lot of little dishes was not quite on the cards  .So I scaled the dish back to one slow … Continue reading

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Spicy Green Tomato Chutney

A couple of weekends ago I had to accept that Summer was over & that last of the tomatoes were never going to ripen. Green Tomatoes seem very popular in the US not so much here in the UK , … Continue reading

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Freshly Caught Trout

I was a bit scared when LBF said that he was going to learn fly fishing ,it’s not that I am squeamish or have ethical objections . No it’s the gear… there is a lot of gear , rods , … Continue reading

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British Apples Crumble , Tart and Roast

Last weekend we went apple picking . A patch by the railwayside where amongst all the scrub land there are loads of  neglected apple trees. I wonder if this was an orchard once, because there are a lot of varieties … Continue reading

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Braised Oxtail in Star Anise and Soy

Years ago living in Canada I would often go for DimSum when I had a hangover. While I love dumplings my favorites were often slightly unidentifiable sticky pieces of bone in spicy sauces.  Somehow I have a cold again so … Continue reading

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Smoked Eel and Leek Risotto

I was pretty excited to see smoked eels for sale at the East Midlands Food Festival from local Smiths Smokery. However after buying one I was quickly educated by fellow Twitterers that eels are a heavily overfished species. I had … Continue reading

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Roasted Preserved Lemon Chicken

This roasted chicken recipe  is slightly adapted from Casa Moro, I think any combination of hot spices with the preserved lemon  makes a delicious roast . Leaving  the chicken to rest after roasting means you can use the combined chicken … Continue reading

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Beef and Pumpkin Chilli

I adore squash not only do they taste amazing they are beautiful to look at  grow brilliantly even in the British climate but .Watching our little pumpkin grow has been heaven as it stretched it’s little tendrils across the vegepatch. … Continue reading

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Liver with Chorizo, Onions and Mushrooms

Last night as we were tucking into dinner my lovely boyfreind said outloud “Sometimes I worry that everyone will find out how delicious liver is and it will get really expensive.” Probably the reason I love him is I knew … Continue reading

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